Introducing Peikko
Composite Superstructures:
A New Structural Solution for Architects

As an architect, your job is to create the right spaces and buildings for your clients. Yet your job meets a multitude of challenges—your vision must comply with building codes, owners’ expectations and, of course, budgets.

Your job just got easier: the Peikko Deltabeam Superstructure System is a more economical and viable alternative to cast-in-place concrete for mid- to high-rise buildings that use span-efficient precast hollow core slabs combined with an engineered composite structural beam.

The Peikko Deltabeam System attains long, clear spans with a shallow floor depth and achieves the fire separation levels required for both commercial and residential projects. The Deltabeam System offers another key feature: you can erect a building faster, materially shortening the construction time for your client.

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