Carleton University Front Entrance

Carleton University Entrance

Location: 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON

Completed: September 2011

Value: $343,668

This exterior alteration project involved tunnel repairs to Carleton Technology and Training Centre, a 3 storey institutional building including front entrance repairs and a new retaining wall and ramp, with waterproofing and handrails.

Work involved:

  • removal and disposal of existing guardrails and handrails;
  • concrete topping;
  • masonry;
  • waterproofing and associated components;
  • concrete repairs;
  • new bi-level drain;
  • waterproofing (surface preparation and installation of hot applied reinforced waterproofing); concrete paving (new reinforced concrete paving including curbs & guardrail and handrails) and
  • installation of new masonry wall including curtainwall restoration.

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