Metal Digestion Laboratory, Environment Canada

Location: Ottawa, ON

Completed: November 8, 2013

Value: $535,711

This project involved  altering  two  rooms  at  Environment Canada  to  construct a Metals Digestion Laboratory.  Scope  of  work included minor architectural demolition of drywall, doors and acoustical ceiling; minor construction of drywall, doors and acoustical ceiling; demolition and installation of hvac  and electrical connections; minor  demolition  and  repair  on  the modified  bituminous membrane roofing; minor demolition  of  plumbing  pipe and  the installation  of plumbing piping and fixtures;  installation of casework and fume hood in laboratory; reinforcement of roof structure to contain a roof fan unit;  relocating some sprinkler heads;  stripping vinyl tiles and sheets and installation of new vinyl sheets; painting.


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