Montfort Elementary School

Location:  350 Den Haag Drive, Ottawa, ON

Completed: June 11 2009

Value: $8,818,340

Area: 57,000 sq.ft.

This project was situated in the heart of Ottawa’s near east end, in close proximity to hospitals, parkland, residential areas, universities, and government buildings.

The five-acre site was completely redeveloped for a new 2-storey elementary school.

  • Included were parking, play grounds, daycare areas, playing fields, as well as a wooded corner.
  • The school is a steel frame with infill steel stud and drywall exterior walls, covered in a brick veneer.
  • Foundations are concrete, and shear walls are constructed of both masonry and steel.
  • The roof is a flat steel structure, with a modified bituminous roofing system.
  • Energy efficiencies and environmental considerations were built into the design of the school.
  • South and west windows are equipped with sun screens, projecting from the building, and the mechanical systems are built around highly efficient roof top units.

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