Construction Management

Are you looking for competency, quality, cost certainty and cost management for your construction project?

We have more than 50 years of delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship within agreed schedules and budgets and the cost certainty and management you require.

Our Construction Management service provides you with proactive and flexible solutions for all projects large and small. We act as your representative, selecting and managing contractors while ensuring that we meet your timelines and keep within your established budget.

Reduce your risks and costs

Working with us you’ll reduce your risk of cost overruns and delays to your project. Our experience and ability to provide competitive and complete project pricing ensure that your projects will be properly priced with few gaps, achieving a high level of cost certainty.

Our approach

  • We provide cost estimates with increasing granularity that correspond with the progress of design development.
  • We review the design document to determine the scope of work and to identify any gaps that require further detailing. We then apply our experiential cost knowledge and obtain input from key subcontractors. This ensures that the cost information we provide is not only grounded in a complete design, but also proven by market data.
  • We evaluate material and system alternatives for cost and delivery times early in the design process. This ensures that we achieve the design within your client’s budget.

If you would like to learn more about us and our ability to meet your project needs, please contact us.