The quicker you bring your project to market, the more viable and profitable the project.

Our Design-Build service significantly shortens the design development time as much of the work occurs in parallel rather than sequentially.

Shorten time to market and increase profitability

As construction manager or design-builder, we can accelerate the delivery of your project shortening your time to market and increasing your profitability.

As a method of project delivery, design-build means one entity, one contract—a single, consolidated workflow from concept to completion—that minimizes the project owner’s risk and reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project.

Acquire cost savings with our Design-Build Methodology

Our Design-Build team is fully committed to producing the deliverables and performing the required services. The team assumes responsibility for the entire design-build process including:

  • Assembling and managing the design team
  • Acquiring permits and approvals
  • Executing construction

During the process, our Design-Build team evaluates new materials and assembly methods and other factors that may offer cost savings while still meeting performance requirements. This evaluation includes a life-cycle cost analysis. We also draw upon our established relationships with trades and suppliers in the Ottawa market to evaluate and control the cost of materials, details and systems, availability and constructability.

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Learn more. [Link to Design-Build Data Sheet]